Genuine Haarlem Oil since 1696


100% natural

Genuine Haarlem Oil is a safe substance with no known side-effects. It is safe in use, but you should comply with the instructions in the leaflet.

Haarlem Oil products are sold in pharmacies, drugstores and online shops.

Genuine Haarlem Oil is sold as capsules, in convenient blister strips in packages of 40 and 120 capsules. Still the familiar Haarlem Oil of old, but in odorless and tasteless capsules easy to dose and swallow.

Bottle from 1696

Haarlem Oil is available in the traditional and familiar dropper bottle. In the course of the centuries, the bottle has changed slightly a few times, but its familiar elongated shape is still the same.

Haarlem Oil in dropper bottle with its characteristic taste and smell is conveniently used by adding a few drops to a sugar cube and ingesting it. 

Bottle with large opening 

Haarlem Oil is not only effective in humans, animals too will benefit from it. Haarlem Oil also comes in bottles with a wider mouth, so that it can be easily dosed for animals such as horses, pigeons and chickens.

Dropper bottle 10 ml  

C. de Koning Tilly B.V.

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